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LOGGED OUT (Novelette)

A Work-A-Holic On Top of the World Becomes One With a Fallen Tree

Tech guru Braxley Wade Stryder is about to hit “send”, sealing the deal of the century, when his smart phone reception inexplicably drops.

Whilst frantically racing toward a cell-tower, he finds himself in the middle of the Metaphorest, in which the line between illusion and reality is quickly blurred.

A whimsical, heartfelt yet quaintly violent adventure ensures as he becomes one with a talking tree, and is forced reevaluate his priorities, making decisions that will impact everything he’s come to cherish – career, family and his totally dope hair.

A light, heavy-handed read for the technology addicted. And those who love them.

Writer: Brian Coles

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THE MIGHTY RIFF™ (Comic Book Series)

Imagine if Flash Gordon (1980), Angus Young and Benny Hill conceived a child while watching a VHS copy of The Ice Pirates.

After wiping the bile off your chin, we encourage you to reflect on the fabulous yet triumphant disaster this promises!

Writer/Illustrator: Brian Coles
Editor: Rose Coles

THE HAPPY MIDDLE™ (Cartoon Strip) Snarky, slightly twisted cartoons on random things, for specific people, who seem to get it.

Writer/Illustrator: Brian Coles
Writer/Editor: Rose Coles